Reflecting on 2017

The last day of 2017 is here! I’ve been thinking about my accomplishment, and what I have learned. I almost want to call it failures but that’s not what they are. As we go though life we develop wisdom from the “mistakes” & they all define your journey. This blog has been something I wanted to do since I was 17 but I have always been fearful of failure, not being cool enough, glam enough, skinny enough. This year I conquered my fears and developed total confidence in who I am and the journey I’m on. 2018, I’m ready to be the women I know I am!

Outfit details:

Obnoxiously Fabulous Fur – Vintage find from moms closet

Scarf –Macys

Boots – Shoeland


My Joyous Journey

Organically Clean

Since buying my home I have really dug into making my house as chemically free as possible & being as fabulously frugal.

Usually I see most people going chem free after having children and I deceived to start early. Here is my everyday weapon all found at Walmart & Amazon.

All Purpose Spray

This is my all-purpose cleaner I use in my kitchen and bathrooms

To make this all you need is the follow:

  • Spay bottle 28 oz
  • Fill it up 1/2 way with distilled water
  • Fill the other 1/2 up with white vinegar
  • 20 drop of orange essential oils –  has antiseptic properties and it just smells like citrus heaven
  • 20 drops of lemon grass – acts as an astringent & kills germs
  • 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil – acts as a disinfected, anti-septic, antibacterial

Shake it all up and clean with knowing your not harming your house or your wallet.


My Joyous Journey

Christmas Planning, Santa May Want to Take Notes 🎁

Hello Joyous readers,

Christmas comes at the same time every year, and after countless years of frantically overspending on my holiday shopping I finally discovered a plan that doesn’t make my wallet have a hangover.

With thanksgiving just ending and Christmas & the holidays are approaching faster than a cold front can hit Florida I thought it would be a good time to do some gift planning. I created a roadmap of special loved ones and gift options & COST for each person. A list keeps you focused, and most important keeps your wallet focused too!

Black Friday 2017 was epic! The deals were incredible. After Thanksgiving dinner at my moms I decided to run to the local outlet mall to see what deals were in stores. I browsed EVERY STORE in about 4 hours and made notes of deals that was on my list. I was adamant on not buying anything without checking out the internet deals and I’m glad I stuck to that.

I was up until 2am technically Black Friday night online! Boy am I glad I did! Sticking to my planned gift list, I was able to knock out amazing gifts and all within the planned budget. These gifts in my opinion not the junk gifts (socks, lip glosses, etc.) Here’s some of the deals I got online:

  • Sound bar and sub $35
  • Samsung Chromebook 11.6″ $99 + warranty $12!!
  • Coach wristlets each at $23
  • 5pc luggage set $50

After finally getting some sleep I did some chores around the house and decided to hit the mall again to pick up what’s was left from the madness for early bird Black Friday. I got a few critical items for me (look out for my ski vacation). However, I found the best deals online.

Final tips PLAN & RESEARCH! Remember in high school and in college all those outlines you made for a research paper or an essay. It’s the same concept. Plan out your shopping. In this case holiday presents. Plan out gift items or gift options for people & set prices on them! Research, research, research! Look on every possible online store and in-store for the best deals! By planning it keeps you focused with a goal in mind!

Hope that helps you,

XOXO My Joyous Journey