Winter Takes a Bite Out of My Nails

I’ve shared my recent winter getaway trip to Aspen Colorado now there are some things I didn’t realize being a Florida girl.

The cold hurts! It hurt my nails anyways.

Living in Florida we constantly have humidity in the atmosphere no matter the time of year it’s there. What I wasn’t prepared for was the attack my nails endured with the dry winter air of Aspen.

Here is the damage

As you can see about 40% of my nails were broke literally in half. The worst part was that it was broken to the nail bed so the nail didn’t rip all the way off and just sat there.

At first I thought it was because my natural nails are week from the nail addition. I always love a fresh look 💅🏾. Then, after the third attack I thought to google winter nail breaks and lo and behold I learned the truth about battle of the winter nails and that is MOISTURIZE!

Here are the steps I am taking to rebuilt my nails

  1. Do the unthinkable and remove all Gels, Dip Gels, Acrylics
  2. Cut the nails down to the nail beds and file them
  3. Let your nails have its own mental break, go natural for a few days
  4. After a few days I felt it was safe for apply some nail hardeners and oils
  5. Let the repair begin, but remember this will take TIME.


My Joyous Journey